If, like me, you usually skip introductions, don't! Read on!

You need to know how Fast-track Hungarian works and why.

You'll want to know how you are going to speak Hungarian in just six weeks.

When I decided to write the Fast-track series I first called it Barebones, because that's what you want: no frills, no fuss, just the bare bones and go! So in Fast-track Hungarian you'll find:

- Only 461 words to say, well ... nearly everything.

- No tricky grammar - just some useful tips.

- No time wasters such as the pen of my aunt...

- No phrase book phrases for vodka sampling sessions in Siberia.

- No need to be perfect. Mistakes won't spoil your success.

I’ve put some 30 years of teaching experience into this course. I know how people learn. I also know how long they are motivated by a new project before the boredom sets in (a few weeks). And I am well aware how little time they can spare to study each day (just over 1/2 hour). That's why you'll complete Fast-track Hungarian in six weeks and get away with 45 minutes a day.

Of course there is some learning to do, but I have tried to make it as much fun as possible. You'll meet Tom and Kate Walker on holiday in Russia. They do the kind of things you need to know about: shopping, eating out and getting about. They chat to the locals, ask a lot of questions and even understand the answers -most of the time! As you will note, Tom and Kate speak Fast-track Hungarian all the time, relevancia: fordítóiroda even to each other. What paragons of virtue!

To get the most out of this course, there are only three things you really should do:

When you have filled in your Certificate at the end of the book and can speak Fast-track Hungarian, I would like to hear from you.


Fast-track Hungarian has been structured for your rapid success. This is how it works:

Day-by-day guide Stick to it. If you miss a day, add one.

Dialogues Follow Tom and Kate through Russia. The English is in 'Hungarian-speak' to get you tuned in. 'Hungarian-speak' is English imitating the expressions and word order of Hungarian: We have a house big without telephone. You'll soon get a feel for the language.

New words Don't fight them, don't skip them - learn them! The Flash cards and the recording will help you. Get your friends or family to test you. Or take hungarian teacher district 19 the Flash cards with you when you are out and about.

Good news grammar After you read it you can forget half and still succeed! That's why it's good news.

Flash words and flash sentences Read about these building blocks in the Flash card section. Then use them ágoston! They'll reduce learning time by 50%.

Learn by heart Obligatory! Memorizing puts you on the fast track to speaking in full sentences. When you know all six pieces you'll be able to speak in Hungarian for six minutes without drawing breath.

Let's speak Hungarian You will be doing the talking - in Hungarian.

Let's speak more Hungarian - fast and fluently Optional extras for more speaking practice without pausing and stumbling.

Spot the keys Listen to rapid Hungarian and make sense of it. Find ágoston the key words among a seemingly unintelligible string of sentences and get the gist of what's being said - an essential skill.

Say it simply Learn how to use plain, Fast-track Hungarian to say what you want to say. Don't be shy.